Scooter Socks


Socks for Riding Your Scooter

Scooter socks provide the necessary comfort and breathability for sessions in the skate park or commute to work. As with many action sports, scootering demands a lot from your feet, so it is important that they are taken care of with a good pair of scooter socks.

What Scooter Socks Do You Wear?

High-quality scooter socks are made with a number of soft and breathable fabrics so that they can easily stretch to the shape of your feet. Cotton, polyamide and elastane are some common materials used. Scooter crew socks are a popular choice, as these are average length socks, but there is also the option to use ankle socks that use less fabric.

One other influence that can affect your choice is the design and colors of the socks. With scooter socks, you get the full range of colors and many fun and creative designs.

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