ALK13 Protective Varusteet

Alk13 Skate Polvisuojat

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Koko: S-M
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These knee pads are just the ticket for you if you are looking for that ''second skin'' sensation. Once you've put them on you won't notice they are there until you fall. The placement of the protective padding gives a good all round protection and good shock absorption.

arvostelua   (6)
Perfekta för inlines, rekommenderas starkt för detta ändamål. Rätt små i storlekarna. L sitter som M anser jag. Går säkert att använda för skateboard också då de har kevlar på utsidan.
Mårten Karlson (Åkersberga)
Rating: 5!
Okay so first let me tell you that I've dislocated my left knee twice, the patella was an outer dislocation. My iliotibial bands are super tight and I unfortunately don't stretch as often as I should. Most knee pads for me are uncomfortable, I have a pair of triple 8 pads as well as raceface down hill pads. Now, these knee pads are amazingly comfortable for me, they sit in the right spot and having the extra security of the velcro is wonderful. My knees are mildly uncomfortable but knowing that the more I wear them, that minor discomfort is fine and will wear off. My only gripe, but I'm not knocking stars off for it, is that if the Alcatraz would invest into D30, then I feel the protection would go up, at least for the main pad. They feel like they have their own version, but it is stiffer than actual D30. Would I recommend these? Hell yes. Would I purchase again? 120% you bet I would.
Myles Reid (La Porte)
Rating: 5!
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