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Scooter Jackets for the Skate Park and the Street

Scooter jackets are designed to keep you warm and dry while not getting in the way of your scooter tricks. Comfortable but durable, having a good quality jacket is a must whatever style of scooter riding you are into. The jackets that you see here are unisex, and along with being good to wear when scooter riding, can also be worn for everyday use.

Many of the jackets you’ll see here are also waterproof. Wearing a waterproof scooter jacket will make sure that you stay dry during any wetter days. Some scooter jackets will have a zipper or buttons that go all the way down the jacket while other anorak-style jackets will have a half zipper.

Another great way to keep warm while scooter riding is to get hold of a Scooter Sweatshirt.

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