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Snowboard Impact Shorts Will Soften the Fall

Many snowboarders choose to wear padded impact shorts that protect the hips, thighs and tailbone areas. Also known as snowboard butt pads, they easily fit under snowboard pants with EVA foam normally used for the padding and lycra or spandex to hold it all together.

Snowboard padded shorts are a good idea for snowboarders of all levels. As beginners learn to control the board they frequently fall on their tailbones and it can quickly become bruised without protection. The pads are specially placed in these areas to reduce the impacts. The protective padding can also save experienced riders from a lot of pain. As they ride at higher speeds, if a fall happens, they are protected in multiple areas around the upper legs and hips area. 

For further protection, many snowboarders are using back protectors. To see our collection, check out Snowboard Back Protectors.

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