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Powerslide Imperial One 80 Freestyle Rullaluistimet

EUR 189,95
Väri: Black/Turquoise
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Nämä värikkäät Imperial One 80 rullaluistimet ovat täydelliset päivittäiseen käyttöön. Kuori on suunniteltu uudelleen ja se antaa erinomaisen istuvuuden. Oivalliset inline rullaluistimet aloittelijoille sekä kehittyneemmille luistelijoille.

Rullaluistimissa on X-slot kiskoasennussysteemi ja 165 mm kiskon asennus. Kiskot (spider) on valmistettu alumiinista ja niissä on single axel-systeemi. Kenkäosassa on lisäksi vaihdettavat sivusuojat, jotka parantavat kestävyyttä. Powerslide Spinner 80mm 85A renkaat sekä Wicked ABEC 7 laakerit.

Nämä rullaluistimet sopivat kahteen jalankokoon.

My Fit sisäkengät on mahdollista lämpömuovata täydellisen istuvuuden saavuttamiseksi. Klikkaa tästä nähdäksesi yksityiskohtaisen kuvauksen sisäkengän lämpömuovauksesta.

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Yhteensopivat osat
Renkaan halkaisija:
Renkaan kovuus:
Monon tyyppi:
Kiskojen materiaali:
Alumiini, 6000 Series
Sisäkengän ominaisuudet:
Irroitettava, Iskunvaimennus, Anatomisesti muotoiltu, Lämpömuovattava
Nauhat, Solki, Hienosäädettävä solki
Flat setup
Max. renkaan halkaisija:
Kengän materiaali:
Lasikuitu, Komposiitti
Sisäkengän materiaali:
Vaahtomuovi, Fleece
Korkea lateraalituki
Kuntoiluun ja vapaa-aikaan, Freestyleen
arvostelua   (35)
Olivat liian pienet, ja oli pakko vaihtaa toisiin. Koko oli merkitty numeroin 45-46. Siitä ei oikein saa selvää sopiiko varmasti.
Perttilä Ilkka (Kuusamo)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Toisinaan rullaluistimien koot on saatettu valmistajan osalta ilmoittaa kahden koon tarkkuudella. Kokojen sopivuutta voi tarkistaa joko tuotesivulta löytyvän suuntaa antavan mittataulukon avulla, tai voit olla myös suoraan meihin yhteydessä jolloin voimme käydä mittaamassa sinulle halutun koon sisäpohjallisen pituuden. Sisäpohjan pituutta voit sitten verrata oman jalkapohjasi pituuteen :) /Tanja
Dope skates. Hope they'll last long!
Margaret S. (Santa Clara)
Rating: 5!
Quick!!!!! shipping and love these blades!
Cecily Salinas (New York)
Rating: 5!
I couldnt find any of these in the US. I ordered from here and they shipped faster than i expected!
Jonathan Fernandez (Fayetteville)
Rating: 5!
so much fun in these, fast, comfy and great all rounders, I am back to skating, I did aggressive in 94-99 and am thinking of getting Ropes M12 Nils Janson for some fun in my local skatepark, guess what, SkatePro has them and at an unbeatable price. Good job guys.
Maciej Badower (enfield)
Rating: 5!
I adore these skates! After looking at Seba FR1's (which are still an outstanding skate) these are fit more snugly round the foot (which I prefer) especially with the Fat Boy linings which are incredibly comfy - I haven't bothered with the heat mould as they are fine as they are. If you have a fatter foot then these would be too tight and I would recommend the Seba FR1's or getting a size bigger A smooth ride and plus these look really cool too. If I could afford it I would buy the grey/white versions too if I could purely for aesthetic reasons ;-) I would check the wheels and give them a tighten before going out though. Mine became a little lose on the back . . .but then again I was jumping all over the place at the time.
Adam H. (stockport)
Rating: 5!
I had the hardest time finding these skates on any website or b&m store stateside and stumbled on Skatepro. They actually had the skates I was looking for and had the best price with reasonable shipping costs (I realized later that these shipped from Denmark and was even more impressed with the shipping) and they arrived early. I purchased the Powerslide Imperial one 80 Freeskates black/white in size 2-3. I normally wear a size 5.5~6 U.S. and these fit very well and once the liner is broken in, should be perfect. The shipping box had seen better days but the box for the skates themselves were in fine condition when they arrived and the skates are perfect: super smooth ride and very fast. Skatepro has great follow up and was fast in relying information on shipping and estimated delivery date. When I or friends are next in the market for skates I'll be recommending Skatepro.
Stephanie Mizokawa (Los Angeles)
Rating: 5!
Serdecznie polecam! Wysokiej jakości rolki, świetne łożyska. Dobrze stabilizują kostkę. Całkiem wygodne. Polecam jednak zamawiać rozmiar większe niż stabdardowo nosicie buty. Pozdrawiam wszystkich pracowników sklepu, niezwykle miła obsługa i dbałość o satysfakcję klienta! :)
Agnieszka Anna Wrzesniowska (East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surre)
Rating: 5!
I ordered Powerslide Imperial One 80 Freeskates(Grey 2-3) and delivered a day early with no issues. I was so excited but unfortunately it was way too small and didn’t fit me at all. I usually wear US woman size 7-7.5.( My feet are wide and I go one size up to size 8 if it’s narrow shoe.) I really liked it so I tried to keep it but it hurts a lot and decided to give it up. They were nice cute color like ice skate shoes and well made. I contacted them if I can return it and they were so nice and helpful. Highly recommend to everyone if we know our right skates shoe size. Thank you so much Skatepro and sorry that I had to return it:(
Aya Suzuki (Marina del Rey)
Rating: 5!
Delivered a day early with no issues. Right color, size, item as described. Fit as described. Good follow up from SkatePro! Enjoying the skates so far after a skating hiatus of about ten years. Super comfy fit, feels aggressive but fast. Fat liner is dope, did the heat molding process to get it just right. The extra height off ground with 80mm wheels has been an adjustment from years skating a more aggressive setup.
Thomas Woodard (Denton)
Rating: 5!
I had ordered a different color initially, but thankfully that was cleared up right away! I was hoping the width could be tightened a little more with the buckle as I have a very narrow foot (and very high arch), but nothing thick socks wont help with. I love everything else. They are much faster than my previous pair, and that is getting some getting used to, but they are outstanding to skate on. I "glide" more now.....lol
lisa m smith (LAS VEGAS)
Rating: 5!
Pro. Nice looking and good quality. Con. Wheel almost came off in the front, hurts my arch in my foot after 30mins-1hr of skating but im very new so maybe that's one of the reasons. Lastly when I first got them I spun all the wheels and the back wheels would stop early compared to the rest.
Zachary Ray Salakar (Valparaiso)
Rating: 4!
Good quality product. Very satisfied
Jakub J. (Roscommon)
Rating: 5!
The skate handles very well and I was amazed by the performance. Coming from 10+ year old fitness skates it was a huge difference in speed and manouvering. It came a bit scratched, but that's not a problem since it will scratch with use anyway. Be sure to tighten the screws, since I nearly killed myself on a first ride when a wheel came off during skating. The other thing is size, if in doubt, choose the larger size. I'm 42.5 EU and got the 43/44 and it just barely fits. It's a snug feeling putting them on but there are some pressure points around the ankle for me, so thats why i deducted one star.
Tomaž Vidmar (Ljubljana)
Rating: 4!
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