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Zoom Pro 80 Freestyle rullaluistimet

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365 päivän palautusoikeus

Powerslide Zoom Pro 80 rullaluistimet freestyle-rullaluistimet tarjoavat erinomaisen hinta-laatusuhteen. Ne on suunniteltu kaupunkiympäristössä tapahtuvaan jännittävään ja nopeatempoiseen freestyle-rullaluisteluun. Näistä Powerslide freestyle-rullaluistimet rullaluistimista löytyy laadukkaat kovat kengät. Joten jos haluat hyvää voimansiirtoa ja tukea, kova kenkärakenne tarjoaa sinulle juuri sitä. Nämä Powerslide freestyle-rullaluistimet ovat kooltaan pieniä. Siksi suosittelemme, että valitset kokoa suuremmat rullaluistimet normaaliin kengänkokoosi verrattuna.

  • Kenkäosan korkea varsi tarjoaa maksimaalista tukea nilkallesi, vähentää lihasväsymystä ja tekee luistimista vakaat
  • Alumiinikiskot ovat erittäin kevyet ja ne tarjoavat välitöntä hallintaa
  • Powerstrap-kiinnitysjärjestelmän ylimääräinen, jalkapöydän yli menevä remmi pitää kantapääsi tiukasti paikoillaan, parantaen rullaluistimien istuvuutta ja hallittavuutta
  • 80mm renkaat 85A kovuudella tekevät luistimistasi leikkisät ja erittäin reagoivat
  • Trinity-asennusjärjestelmä optimioi luistimien tasapainon ja hallinnan, sillä se tuo renkaat mahdollisimman lähelle kenkäosaa
  • Anatomisesti muotoiltu sisäkenkä myötäilee jalkasi luontaista rakennetta parantaa siten käyttömukavuutta
  • Rullaluistimien mukana ei tule jarrua, mikä tekee niistä sopivat hieman kokeneemmille rullaluistelijoille

Muistathan tarkistaa ruuvit ennen ensimmäistä käyttökertaa ja kiristää ne tarvittaessa. Huomioithan lisäksi, että sinun tulee tarkistaa ruuvien kunto säännöllisin väliajoin myös rullaluistimia käytettäessä.

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Anatomisesti muotoiltu, Joustava varvasosa
Nauhat, Powerstrap, Hienosäädettävä solki
4-renkainen kisko
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Muovi, Lasikuitu, Komposiitti
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Vaahtomuovi, Mikrokuitu
Joustava, Korkea lateraalituki, Integroitu kantolenkki
Kuntoiluun ja vapaa-aikaan, Freestyleen
arvostelua   (74)
Delivered very fast to Finland. Great skates! My feet turned out to be quite narrow for those, feels not tight enough, but i put some insoles in, and that worked a bit. Size fit perfectly i have 39eu. Very comfortable to skate. Feels solid and durable.
Natalia Chernova (Turku)
Rating: 5!
Great skates. Good price and quality. Made me want the Powerslide Next which are even better but more pricy.
Erik Sellström (Hägersten)
Rating: 5!
I really like these skates. The only thing that I don't like is that it's a bit tight on the sides of my feet, but I also have pretty wide feet. Though they do seem to be starting to mold to my feet which is amazing.
Anton Baggeryd (Storahöga)
Rating: 5!
My 12 years old daughter couldn't wait to get these out of the box. Skates are well built, comfortable, supportive, roll smooth and easy to balance. Feels really good around the ankles and calf area. There was no rubbing, discomfort or soreness after a long period of use. Her shoe size is US 8 women's, we bought the 7-7.5 and they fit perfectly.
Igor K. (San Diego)
Rating: 5!
I ordered these skates but they showed up defective, the 45 strap on the right skate had some stripped teeth right out of the box. I don't know if it was a factory defect of if I'd been sent a pair of skates that had been damaged/returned by somebody else? I ended up ordering some straps from another company (skatepro refunded me the money), but I still haven't received those, so I've yet to be able to skate in these. This whole thing has just left a bad taste in my mouth, hopefully the skates aren't terrible once I actually get to use them....
steve swain (Hardin)
Rating: 2!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Thank you very much for your review!
I do understand your frustration. Hopefully you received the straps eventually. When we were investigating the matter, you informed us of buying straps from another company. As the error on the skate would have been covered under the warranty, we of course refunded you for the amount you paid for the straps you bought somewhere else. Of course, it was in the first place our responsibility to make this work for you. Unfortunately, due to the Holiday season, we could not get to you right away with the solution we also had to discuss with the supplier.
You will receive a personal email from me, to find out if everything is set now or if there is more we can do for you. // Doreen
These are some pretty good skates. They do have some noise to them when you first try them out but I’m sure after breaking them in it won’t be a problem. Overall, I’m very happy with my order!
John R. (Torrance)
Rating: 5!
Alright so, these skates are really good! I've enjoyed them for the past 2 weeks, but I feel like I'd be enjoying them more... if they were the right size. When I ordered these a few weeks ago, the listing said something along the lines of, "Ordering a size up is recommended" and I did just that. I thought it felt a bit loose and size 10.5s weren't listed back then so I just assumed that's how they're supposed to feel. But after several sessions of what sort of felt like clumsy skating, I found that they were indeed too big. Which is unfortunate because I really love these skates. The 4 isn't really docking the skates themselves, more like the misinformation that was very recently updated. I'll probably end up selling my pair to someone with a bigger foot size and buy these again because for what it's worth, they're damn good. We'll see!
Aaron A. (San Diego)
Rating: 4!
beginner level, love it so far. There is a unusual pinch on the right skate near arch and toe area. Turns out the under sole between the inner and outer boot was installed up side down (just on right skate). QC may have over looked. The letter "My Fit" on the sole pad should face down. If the skate doesn't fit at first try, pull the boot out and have a look. Skate Pro ship item very quickly it's just the shipment take very long due to COVID.
C. Wong (Toronto)
Rating: 4!
Awesome company
Rating: 5!
Nice and I can say 5 stars quality
marius iute (york)
Rating: 5!
Great product, high quality!!! Shipping was very fast. Go to SkatePro!
Rommel Nuque (Woodbury)
Rating: 5!
Skates were exactly as advertised; shipping was way faster than expected to US.
Ryan Tenga (Apex)
Rating: 5!
These skates are great. Had a couple pressure points, but they went away after heat molding the liner. The speed and agility are really good, but I switched to a 4x90 for better cruising with my wife and daughter. Gotta love the trinity mount, makes changing frames super easy. Only negative point is the laces are kind of short, but it doesn't bother me enough to lose a star.
Rating: 5!
As an intermediate skater, I wanted something versatile and to be comfy and supportive. These skates let me do all of it. I can do jumps and tricks and are pretty fast. Highly recommend for the price. I got them on sale for 150$.
Victoria P. (Golden)
Rating: 5!
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