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Roces Street Jääkiekko Lapa

EUR 5,95
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Nylon Hockey Blade for wood sticks.

The blade is straight, and can be shaped for Left or Right use.

  1. First heat up the blade with hot water.
  2. Shape the blade.
  3. Finally cool down the blade with cold water.
arvostelua   (4)
Excellent junior (kids) street hockey blade. The blade is straight and works for either Right or Left shooters. However, if a curve is desired simply heat the blade and bend slowly. Attaches / screws easily to a hockey stick shaft. I'm very pleased with both the product and the Skate Pro service. Thank you!
B. Roach (Torsås)
Rating: 5!
good enough
Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica La Trac (Calcinate - ITALY)
Rating: 4!
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