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Hone in your stick handling skills with the SuperDeker Hockey Trainer

Getting those tight swift stick-maneuvers sitting just right is made super easy and fun, with the interactive SuperDeker Hockey Trainer. The board lights up and awards you with points for passing the E-Puck over the lit area. This will allow you to keep track of your progression and help you advance your skill level.

Tech Features:

  • The puck is weighted and balanced as per regulations so you can easily transfer newly learned skills to the ice
  • The board works with patented sensors beneath the surface, which communicate with the puck
  • Remember to try the SuperDeker 21-day training program
  • Use the Rebounder Bands to gain precise and crips pass-back action
  • Maintenance is crucial to get the proper glide action going - So remember to apply the Zero-Friction Ice spray once every two weeks


  • 1x SuperDeker Advanced Hockey Training System
  • 1x ePuck
  • 2x Rebounder Bands
  • 1x Zero Friction Ice-Spray
  • 1x power cable

Notice: The E-Puck is the only puck that will work with this since it is interactive.

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