MyFit Footies Low Cut

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MyFit Low Cut Footiet tarjoavat pehmeän ja saumattoman tuntuman jalallesi. Lisäävät mukavuutta, suojaa ja tukea jalallesi ja parantavat lyhytvartisen luistimen tai jalkineen tuntumaa

Neopreenia, 2mm

  • S: 34 - 37
  • M: 37 - 40
  • L: 40 - 43
  • XL: 43 - 46
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arvostelua   (37)

Feels good, they sit a little tight but they will expand and adapt after a while. They are good at preventing blisters.
Zindan S. (Linköping)
Rating: 5!
I have narrow ankles, these really improve the fit of my skates
David Tolan (Dublin)
Rating: 5!
I'm getting transfer to low cuff speed skates, so I was looking for something that may make a difference regarding the comfort. There's many different designs of Footies, I've chosen this common one, without any extra features. It does the job well. I may try the other design next time, with ankle cushion for example? Thanks.
Artur Adamczyk (Bradford)
Rating: 5!
Powerslide MyFit Footies Low Cut - working well, skates were rubbing slightly, these have stopped that, I would recommend this product.
Martyn G. (Falkirk)
Rating: 5!
A little expensive but they provide adequate support and are very comfortable to wear =)
kaho cheung (london)
Rating: 4!
They solved the issue I had with my ankles chaffing with the liner, so I am happy with the product. They seem expensive for what they are though, but I'll see how they hold up in the long term.
Gael Quinio (Dublin)
Rating: 4!
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