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USD Skates

USD Realm Team Bleidit

EUR 144,95
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Vakaa luistin rampeille sekä temppuiluun, ihanteellinen aloittelijoille korkean nilkkatuen ansiosta. Yksiosainen soulplate grindaamiseen ja Kizer UFS freimi, jonka matala rengasasetus lisää kontrollia käännöksissä. Lukollinen kiinnitysremmi nilkassa.

Renkaan halkaisija:
Renkaan kovuus:
Flat setup
Monon tyyppi:
Sisäkengän ominaisuudet:
Irroitettava, V-Cut
Nauhat, Solki
Kiskojen materiaali:
Max. renkaan halkaisija:
Kengän materiaali:
Keinonahka, Muovi
Sisäkengän materiaali:
Korkea lateraalituki, V-Cut
Backslide plate:
arvostelua   (52)
Vaikka käytin kokotaulukkoa, ja otin kokoa isommat rullaluistimet niin ne ovat silti todella tiukat. muuten tuote ihan ok.
Joachim Pietikäinen (Tuusula)
Rating: 4!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Kiitos kommentistasi! Mikäli tuote on käyttämätön ja haluat vaihtaa sen toisen kokoiseen, suosittelen sinua tutustumaan vaihto- ja palautuskäytäntöihimme: https://www.skatepro.fi/d16.htm :) / Henri
Tyvärr så skickade jag tillbaka min USD då dem var för små. För min fot funkade inte dessa då jag har en bred fot. Och sen så stämde inte riktigt den måttskalan så bra överens, iaf på usd. Men det va en snabb leverans. Nu väntar jag bara på att returen skall gå igenom systemet, så jag kan beställa hem nya. 😊
Dennis Moberg (Halmstad)
Rating: 5!
Bra nybörjar-skate. Stabil och tillåter låg tyngpunkt för att öva tricks.
Caroline Eliasson (Malmö)
Rating: 4!
Great beginning skates
nolen arion gavino (Northridge)
Rating: 5!
First off, I would love to say that the delivery was really quick! It originally quoted Oct 12th as my deliver date. Then, it said it would be delivered on Oct 9th. THEN, it was actually delivered on Oct 8th! Ooh, I was so excited! Anyways, the skates are fantastic! I like to do big jumps and the impact is almost nonexistent. The cushion feels great and the boots fit perfectly! The only issues I have is that the buckle is lower on the tongue so when I am skating the tongue bends forward some and it can loosen the skate a tad. Otherwise, this is a great set of skates for a beginner and I think the price is reasonable as well!
A. Tucker (Anderson)
Rating: 5!
size in description say 11-12 UK (30 cm) and I wear all the time all runers size 46 and this skates are to small. inside skate I also dont feel comfortable . maybe are good for someone else but I am not happy with this one and before I am use couple of USD skates.
Karolina N. (Dublin)
Rating: 2!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  USD is falling a bit more narrow than other brands. Besides that, it's alwasy recommendable to check the size guide, instead of going comparing your usual shoe size to a skate size. Skate sizes do differ from brand to brand. If you need help, just get in touch with us 😊 /Justin
nice skates. not very happy with the side loops as 2 have broke first time i tried them on
Brian Frame chakra tattoo (ennistimon)
Rating: 2!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Thank you very much for your feedback.
I'm very sorry to hear, that the loops did already break so quickly. I can see that we never were informed about this. Could you get in touch with some pictures of the broken loops so we can help you out with it?😊 We are always there to help you out when you do have issues with one of our products 👌 /Justin
Having decided to get back into skating after some 16 yers off these fitted the bill nicely. Good price, good quality and ideal for my needs. Only downside is the liner and lack of support from the cuff and buckle meaning the tongue slides forward. Nothing a crown liner didn’t sort out though but an expense I didn’t cater for.
Dan Jennings (Maidstone)
Rating: 4!
Good quality skates at a good price. Very happy with the service and the product.
Johandre schonken (Mullingar)
Rating: 5!
Used the sizing guide on the website and even order 1 size larger to make sure I had room for my toes. When the skates arrived they were still too small. Skatepro was very prompt in answering my emails and working with me to figure out a good solution.
Ralph Vento (Allison Park )
Rating: 3!
My son loves them!
Gail Lewis (Godmanchester)
Rating: 5!
excellent for price
Joseph Stevens (York)
Rating: 5!
Contacted SkatePro regarding aggressive skating, after a long break with any kind of skating I wanted to start learning aggressive skating. Responding to great advise from the guys at SkatePro I decided to go with the USD Realm Team Skate. I couldn't be happier, tight fit, still breaking them in but I'm having so much fun. Great skate, looks great, perfect for beginners, very happy with my purchase.
Paul Nesbitt (County Dublin)
Rating: 5!
I love my Rollerblades, I have been just shredding it at the skate park!!
Garrett Rowe (Tooele)
Rating: 5!
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