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Scoprega GE 21 Portable Electric Pump For Inflatable SUP

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Powerful and portable electrical pump to inflate inflatable SUP boards, boats, kites, kayaks etc. The Scoprega GE 21 is a smart and effortless way to pump up inflatable SUPs.

You can set the wanted level of pressure so that the pump automatically stops when this level has been reached. The maximum level of pressure is 22.0PSI (1.5 bar) and the pump has an integrated 12V DC battery that can be charged via cigarette plug or standard 110-240 AC/DC adaptor. The air flow per minute is 33.02gallons (125liters). The pump can both inflate and deflate.

The fact that you can charge the built-in battery gives you a slightly lower voltage/airflow over some of the other Scoprega pumps, but in turn, you get the practical option of carrying the pump with you to the spot before inflating your SUP.

Included is a carry bag.

This pump comes with a 5.58feet (1.7meters) tube and a 9.84feet (3meters) power cord.

Also usable for inflatable boats and kites.

How to:

  • Add the proper valve-connector on the tube
  • Connect into the SUP, kite, boat etc.
  • Set the correct air pressure level on the GE 21 electric pump for the thing you want to inflate
  • Push the start button
  • The pump will automatically stop when the chosen level of air pressure is reached


  • 22cm x 32cm x 22cm


  • 14.11lbs (6.4kg)