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Ronix One Intuition Wakeboard Siteet

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Ronix RXT 5 Panel Cap
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Ronix Auto Lock 4 kappaleen setti
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Ronix Auto Lock 4 kappaleen setti
Ronix Auto Lock 4 kappaleen setti (Musta) (1 setti)
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Ronix RXT 5 Panel Cap
Ronix RXT 5 Panel Cap (Musta) (1 kpl)
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Ronix One Intuition Wakeboard Bindings offer the best blend technology

The redesign of these high-end boots comes with a BrainFrame technology that features a full-height skeleton for support above the ankle and maximum board feel through a baseless design. Moreover, you will get a boost in the energy transfer from toe to heel, as well as board protection, all thanks to the Mag Lock Beams and the TPU Gasket.


  • AutoLock technology with an easy slide-to-lock and pull-to-release function that will provide you with durability and an ideal fit
  • Pro S.O.L.E., the new footbed material that makes your boots react faster, boost higher and land soften the landings
  • Intuition+ heat moldable liner giving you the ability to size up or down your boots for the ultimate fit
  • 3D molded toe designed to create the perfect fit, with 3 different materials that match different riding styles
  • FlexForm heel & ankle designed to withstand extreme tear and abuse, helping you perform at the highest level for longer than before.
  • Superfabric®
  • Feetbelts
  • Ankle Shields
  • Smooth Skin Lining
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