Dalbello Kantapää & Varvas GripWalk-ulkopohjat

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GripWalk Heel and Toe ulkopohjat on tehty vaihdettaviksi niihin Dalbello-laskettelumonoihin jotka on varustettu tällä ominaisuudella.

Nämä GripWalk ulkopohjat on tehty keinuvimmiksi, ja niistä löytyy tavallisia, litteämpiä ISO 5355 -laskettelumonoja enemmän pitoa.

Huomio: Jotta GripWalk-ulkopohjat voidaan asentaa monoosi, monosi on oltava yhteensopiva GripWalk-pohjien kanssa. Sekä ISO 5355 että ISO 9523 monojen ulkopohjat voivat olla yhteensopivia, kunhan valmistaja on ilmottanut niiden olevan GripWalk-yhteensopivat.

arvostelua   (9)
The original purchase was not what I ordered or what was depicted in the picture on the website. However, SkatePro was prompt to respond to the error and sent a correct replacement pair of GripWalk soles. I very much appreciate and value the customer service.
Peter A. (Easton)
Rating: 4!
I was having difficulties finding replacement GW soles. Thanks to Skatepro for having them and prompt shipping given the distance.
C. Bittner (Salt Lake City)
Rating: 5!
GripWalk is the future. No more fidgeting with cat-tracks. And most bindings are now coming out with GW compatible bindings. Dalbello GW is so easy to install and easier to walk. Cannot recommend higher.
T. Kim (Park City)
Rating: 5!
Super Rad guys to deal with 🤙🏽...fast shipping and great product
Tod Uderitz (Snohomish)
Rating: 5!
Excellent and innovative design. They will make that dreaded walk on slippery wooded decks with a tray full of drinks at the on piste restaurants much easier. Very quick delivery.
Robert Claridge (Grantham)
Rating: 5!
Super fast shipping thanks
David Sullivan (Chehalis)
Rating: 5!
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