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SFR Light Up 58mm 82A 4 kpl

25,95 €
Halkaisija: 58mm
1 setti
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Light Up keskiö valaistuu kun rengas pyörii.
Leveys: 32 mm
4 kpl

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arvostelua   (54)
Antaa siistin välkkyvän lisän skede kruiseriinki! :D
Antti-Pekka Korhonen (Aabyhøj)
Rating: 5!
Kräver att man monterar ur 2 kullager från varje orginalhjul och monterar på dem på lighthjulen vilket kanske kan vara lite bökigt för en del då man måsta ta i lite. Annars en väl fungerande produkt och det blir häftigt då de lyser rejält.
Linus berggren (Årjäng)
Rating: 5!
Look sick skating at night !
Bob lynch (swords)
Rating: 5!
They are perfect for my little girls bubblegum skates, she loves them. They light up so well and easy to put on. I nearly want to put them on my own skates..🤣 Great purchase, tracking and delivery was great.
Tracey Kealy (Dublin 10)
Rating: 5!
Really work well on my son’s skates. Only bought 1 pack of 4. I don’t why! But have put them on the outer wheels and are very effective!
Elizabeth W. (Blythe Ward)
Rating: 5!
The flashing wheels are very nice, but they don't fit the roller skates, even though they're supposed to be the same size. I'm now trying to return them and can't because the online returns function on the website has been turned off and although I've had an email conversation, I've been told just to wait until SkatePro is ready and to keep checking. For something I thought was expensive in the first place, it's even more disappointing to find the customer service lacking too... :-(
Melanie M. (Thames Ditton Ward)
Rating: 2!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Unfortunately due to Brexit our return option is currently unavailable from the UK, we are working hard with our courier partners to find a solution within the next few weeks. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We would also love to help you find the right wheels for your skates. Just let us know if you would like that.

We will contact you once the return option is back up and running so you will be able to send these back.

Very impressed with these wheels.
Dawn Cornwell (Stoke On Trent)
Rating: 5!
Great products, quick delivery!
Michaela C. (LONDON)
Rating: 5!
I have 12 of these wheels and out of the 12, I can only get 4 of them to work on my skates. I know they all work because I can spin them in my hand with the core in it, and it lights up. If I put one of the bearings in it and spin it, it works. But if I put both in or on my skates, they do not light up. Pretty bummed. I’ve swapped out the bearings and replaces the cores with new ones but they still won’t work.
Alli Goossen (Grand Rapids)
Rating: 2!
They are so cool. Definitely worth getting them because they really elevate the look of your skates.
Katherine O. (Coppell)
Rating: 5!
Granddaughter loves these, they will make her skates a little special.
Susan Sylvester (Wilstead, Beds)
Rating: 4!
Ideal for making an impression at night
David J. (Birmingham)
Rating: 5!
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