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Powerslide X-Trail 110 Rullasuksi Runko

119,95 €
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X-Trail 110 rullasuksien rungot ovat valmiit Prolink- ja SNS-siteille (Ei yhteensopiva Rottefella NIS-levyn kanssa) - kaikilla tarvittavilla osilla, joita tarvitaan kyseisten siteiden kiinnittämiseen. Runko itsessään on valmistettu vahvasta 6061-sarjan alumiinista. Rungot ovat pituudeltaan 530 mm.


Setin mukaan ei sisälly renkaita, laakereita, jarruja tai lokasuojia.

arvostelua   (3)
Everything is excellent. The frame was the last one, and I am glad to purchase it. It was a welcome surprise for me to find bearings inside. In all other respects I fully agree with LM's opinion below.
Serghiy Kotelevskii (London)
Rating: 5!
It's a good frame. Went together easily and really like being able to use the110 mm wheels. With the Fischer brake I feel safe and controlled. Been having alot of fun with this setup lately!
Jim Bouchard (Anchorage)
Rating: 5!
The frames, thoughtfully sold in pairs, are sturdy extrusions with extra ribs in stressed areas. The binding mounts are brilliant and allow easy re-positioning, which I did with positive results. The forks could be longer to allow larger wheels and maybe have extensions that also drop the frame position when larger and taller wheels are installed. I actually made my own extensions out of aluminum and so far they work fine.
Les Matz (Anchorage)
Rating: 5!
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