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Säädettävä Holkki 8-Pack

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Bra saker
Ulf Nyliden (Löddeköpinge)
Rating: 4!
These adjustable spacers are absolutely stunning products. They allow to fit any wheels to the frame. As highlighted in other reviews, it takes time to get used to find the tiny holes whilst sliding the handles through the bearings. Though it's definitely worth it if you want to avoid the pain of getting a bearing in and out and adjust the spacer manually.
Antonio B. (London)
Rating: 5!
As in other review(s) these adjustable spacers solves the problem of frame and wheel core variance width wise. It is fiddley to fit the pair of wires and keep it egaged in it's holes as you slide the handles through bearing. I hope the next edition can improve on the wire/handle design.
Law C. (London)
Rating: 4!
The product was packed well. I like that the spacer was adjustable. No more fumbling on which of my fixed spacers would fit well. If it is not snug inside, I just remove a bearing and increase or decrease the thickness. I watched the video on how to use it but didn’t really show how. I read the instructions, still couldn’t do it properly on my end. Had a hard time sliding the wire through the bearing. If I do get it through then it would disconnect from the spacer. This is my only issue. Other than that, I highly recommend this product.
Edison G. (Seattle)
Rating: 5!
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