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Bronson Raw Laakerit 8 Kpl

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Enuff Skeittilauta Rengas Holkki 8 mm
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Enuff Skeittilauta Rengas Holkki 8 mm
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Are you constantly finding yourself cleaning out bearings below the rubber shields? Then why not try an open style bearing that you can clean as is and when needed?

If you are considering the open bearing type, then the Bronson Speed Co. has got you covered with technically advanced Raw skateboard bearings

The result of heavy testing and next level technical specs

  • "Free at last!" - Shieldless design, which makes maintenance a breeze
  • "Fast, Slick & Non-stick" - The races come with a Tungsten coating, which is a dry lubricant, which will stay on for long and provide you with low drag and a better lifespan
  • "The Sound of Speed" - Raw bearings are shieldless and thus quite loud, which a lot of skaters prefer
  • "Maximum Impact" - The cage is designed with high wear and tear resistance and built to withstand impacts from landing tricks
  • "Rollin' Deep" - Deep Groove Raceways keeps the balls sitting deeper in the raceway channels, which drastically reduces axial and angular impact damage
  • "Shred Ready" - Each bearing is inspected by hand, micro-polished and ultrasonically washed 3 times before being packaged
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