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Crisp Scooters

Crisp Scootin Jarru

19,95 €
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Complete jarru Crispin dekkeihin, joissa on 3-ruuvinen jarrun kiinnitys. Mukana tulee kaikki tarvittava jarrun asentamiseksi - ruuvit sekä tärinää vaimentava levy.

Renkaan halkaisija:
100mm, 110mm
Flex Fender
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i bought this for a scooter which was not the Crisp brand but the brake looked similar and was recommended. however, the brake mounting holes do not match the holes on my scooter so am currently negotiating if there are alternate options available. I would recommend that Skate Pro provide more technical details like the hole centre to centre distance, screw size etc apart from the wheel diameter. Additional feedback would be to start a customization service for such spares. In my case the whole scooter is fine, it is only the brake that is broken. Why should i spend a 100Euros for a new scooter when I can get the brakes for lesser. Hope that the team at Skate Pro find a solution for me...
Chandra Aloke Kopalli (Helsinki)
Rating: 3!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hey,

Thank you for leaving this comment.

Unfortunately, we do have brakes only for the scooters we're selling. We are trying to update more details, and we are of course happy to give them through email or phone, if the product description is not telling everything.
Exact replacement for The original part.
Toivo K. (Lappeenranta)
Rating: 5!
Valitettavasti se olikin tarkoitettu isommalle potkulaudalle. Palautamme sen käyttämättömänä.
Virpi Salminen (Nastola)
Rating: 3!
Fredrik Eriksson (Luleå)
Rating: 5!
Great product and exactly what was needed plus good customer service Only downside is the delivery times
Lee Burley (Bournemouth)
Rating: 3!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hi Lee,

Thank you for your review.
Delivery time to the UK is 4-6 business days. I am sorry about that, but since we are from Denmark, we cannot ship out the items sooner. :( I can see that your item was dispatched on the 2nd and it was delivered on the 8th, so I am glad to see that it was delivered within the time frame.

Please let us know if you have any questions
exactly what i needed.
Deacon J. (San Diego)
Rating: 5!
Very good item especially as my son is scooting to school, saves on new school shoes as he isn’t using them as his brake now!
Matt brain (Barnsley)
Rating: 5!
Just what I was after. Helpful customer service and super quick delivery. Thank you
S. Armstrong (Wideopen)
Rating: 5!
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