Dalbello Panterra 120 ID GW Miesten laskettelumonot

299,95 €
499,95 € SÄÄSTÄ 200,00 €
Väri: Lime 19/20
Lime 19/20
Sage Green 20/21
Koko: 26.5
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Sidas 3Feet Pohjalliset
Keskikaari - 35-36 (+ 29,95)
Korkea kaari - 37-38 (+ 29,95)
Matala kaari - 39-41 (+ 29,95)
Korkea kaari - 39-41 (+ 29,95)
Matala kaari - 42-43 (+ 29,95)
Keskikaari - 42-43 (+ 29,95)
Matala kaari - 44-45 (+ 29,95)
Keskikaari - 44-45 (+ 29,95)
Korkea kaari - 44-45 (+ 29,95)
Matala kaari - 46-48 (+ 29,95)
Keskikaari - 46-48 (+ 29,95)
Korkea kaari - 46-48 (+ 29,95)
Sidas Winter 3Feet Sisäpohjalliset
Matala kaari - 35-36 (+ 37,95)
Keskikaari - 37-38 (+ 37,95)
Matala kaari - 39-41 (+ 37,95)
Matala kaari - 42-43 (+ 37,95)
Matala kaari - 44-45 (+ 37,95)
Matala kaari - 46-48 (+ 37,95)
Korkea kaari - 46-48 (+ 37,95)
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SkatePro DeLuxe Kypärä ja Laskettelumonolaukku
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Sidas 3Feet Pohjalliset
Sidas 3Feet Pohjalliset (1 pari)
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Toimitus 2-5 arkipäivää
365 päivän palautusoikeus
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Miesten laskettelumonot edistyneille all mountain -laskettelijoille

Panterra 120 laskettelumonot sopivat niille laskettelijoille, jotka etsivät tehokkaita monoja sekä rinteeseen että rinteen ulkopuolelle.

Panterra 120 ID GW -monojen hyödyt

  • Ulkopohjan sekä kävelyasetuksen ansiosta monoilla on helppo kävellä
  • Erittäin mukava laineri tarjoaa hyvää istuvuutta suoraan pakkauksesta - mutta lisäksi se on lämmön avulla muotoiltavissa
  • Kätevät säätösoljen avulla saat monoista 2mm kapeammat
MalliJalan leveys
26.5 - Lime 19/20102mm
26.5 - Sage Green 20/21-
28.5 - Sage Green 20/21-
All mountain
Harrastelija, Kokenut
Monon ominaisuudet:
Kolmiosainen, My Fit, Power Cage, Cabrio Design
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GripWalk Ulkopohjat
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arvostelua   (6)
After learning that Dalbello is discontinuing the Panterra 120's for 21/22 I jumped at the excellent end of season price for these awesome boots (20/21 model). Intuition liners, much lighter than my previous Panterra's, and a price that no one could beat in the States. Skatepro gets a 100% thumbs up in price, size availability, communication, shipment tracking, and a very quick shipping time considering they were shipped from Denmark. Don't think twice from ordering from Skatepro. These guys seriously rock. - Bob from Whitefish, Montana
Robert Ambrose (Whitefish)
Rating: 5!
Excellent experience and price. The boots are very comfortable and provide amazing ski control. Appreciate the unique middle buckle location that does a worderful job of holding your heels down without excessive foot pressure. Arrived on time and in excellent condition for international shipping. Was a little worried when the FedEx showed the boots stuck for a while in France...but found this is normal, just an odd FedEx tracking quirk...they arrived about the same time (7-9 days) Skatepro projected. A little hesitant to buy from overseas, but I was pleasantly surprised. Will buy from Skatepro again.
Charles D. (Tucson)
Rating: 5!
Outstanding price service and shipping. Received in a week to USA.
Anthony Andrade (New Bedford)
Rating: 5!
I am very happy with my Panterra boots. They provide outstanding comfort, keep my feet warm and drive the power to the ski. To quote my teenage son "those boots are wick-gnar". Which I have recently learned means the best of what both wicked and gnarly have to offer. I tend to agree but would have said in my dated vernacular that they are awesome and sweet. Bottom line is I am now in a performance boot that makes carving easier and more fun. I also found buying from Skatepro to be a hassle free process with good value and great customer care.
Dylan W. (Pine Grove Mills)
Rating: 5!
I bought these for my hubby for Christmas this year. I was going to buy from another shop in the mall but they wouldn't give us a discount being that these are last year's model. I was overjoyed to find them for a good price on this site. They came in the mail less than 2 weeks , the packageing was great ! I'm super happy with the purchase and the quality of these boots .
Alixandrea Hiebert (Airdrie)
Rating: 5!
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