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Clean and freshly greased bearings are synonymous with higher speeds with less effort

Making it easy for you to get the most out of your bearings, by cleaning them, is this jar and bearing rack combined into one clever cleaning kit.

  1. Pull the bearings from your wheels
  2. Remove surface grime carefully
  3. Place them on the rack on the lid
  4. Ad a liquid degreaser to the jar
  5. Combine lid and jar and let sit
  6. Remove bearings from the rack
  7. Clean with a thorough rinse of water and/or pressurized air
  8. Ad fresh lubricant and you are ready to mount the bearings again

Notice: No solvent, degreaser, or fresh lubricant is included, which you must buy separately.

arvostelua   (41)
Warning! You are about to pay 10 bucks for a plain plastic jar. No grease remover or other cleaning chemicals included. Read the description’s small print carefully and don’t get ripped off like I did.
Mikael L. (Helsinki)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hey Mikael, and thank you for you comment. :) We are sorry to hear about your experience with us. The pricing of our products is thought carefully based on market values, and production. All the needed knowledge should be written on a product description. All the text is important to read while making the decision of paying the item. :)
Tekee mitä pitää, kuhan korkki on kunnolla kiinni. Laakeriteline ei ole korkissa kiinni, niiku esim. Bonesin vastaavassa.
Petri H. (Helsinki)
Rating: 3!
Helps with cleaning the bearings, but not a miracle product.
Erik Sellström (Hägersten)
Rating: 3!
Enklare kan det inte bli!!! Detta sätt att rengöra och underhålla sina kullager, är supersmidigt. Använder även "räcket" till att smörja mina lager efter tork. Kanon! :)
Anette Douglasdotter Brander (Alvhem)
Rating: 5!
Packningen var värdelös slängdes direkt men håller rätt tätt när man skakar endå, lämnar aceton i den fästen man inte ska, gör testet så ingen annan behöver, har hållt några veckor än så länge, borde inte vara ett problem.
Lukas Jansson (Laholm)
Rating: 3!
Enkel konstruktion som gör vad den skall. Fungerar fint.
Caroline E. (Malmö)
Rating: 5!
Plastig och gummitätningen tåler inte vissa lösningsmedel som rekommenderas av tillverkaren. Plasten missfärgas av tex aceton och blir ”mjölkig”. Gör dock jobbet även om det spills lite.
Lars widell (Kallinge)
Rating: 3!
Henrik Dahlström (Täby)
Rating: 5!
Grand if you have spare money
Cian Bright (Portlaoise)
Rating: 4!
Amazing although could use instructions with reccomendations of what substance to clean the bearings with.
sam joseph edgar (Leicester)
Rating: 5!
A simple yet effective product, quick and easy to use.
Andrew McLelland (Westport)
Rating: 5!
Does exactly what its supposed to do! It is getting heavy usage and has always done the job.
Kevin Weaver (Wexford town)
Rating: 5!
Great product. Speedy delivery. And great cons. Recommended company. Dont hesitate to use them.
Tom scott (glasgow)
Rating: 5!
do the job
Karolina N. (Dublin)
Rating: 5!
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