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Kismet Barbiepatin Quad-rullaluistin

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Chaya Kismet Barbiepatin Quad-rullaluistin temppurullaluistimet tarjoavat erinomaisen hinta-laatusuhteen. Jos temppujen tekeminen ja grindaaminen skeittipuistoissa ja kaduilla on sinun juttusi, nämä rullaluistimet ovat sinua varten.

  • 59mm renkaat 92A kovuudella ja leveällä profiililla tarjoavat nopeaa kiihtyvyyttä sekä vakaita laskeutumisia tempuista

Muistathan tarkistaa ruuvit ennen ensimmäistä käyttökertaa ja kiristää ne tarvittaessa. Huomioithan lisäksi, että sinun tulee tarkistaa ruuvien kunto säännöllisin väliajoin myös rullaluistimia käytettäessä.


Renkaan halkaisija:
Pleitin materiaali:
Lasikuitu, Muovi
Kenkäosan tyyppi:
Kokosäädettävät rullaluistimet:
Octo Paseo Renkaat
Aloittelija, Keskitaso
Sisäkengän ominaisuudet:
Renkaan leveys:
Renkaan kovuus:
Kengän materiaali:
Sisäkengän materiaali:
Säädettävä, Esiasennettu toe-stopper jarru
Ajajan max. paino:
100 kg
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arvostelua   (72)

Great skates, I tested these out a couple of times just outdoor skating and they seemed good so far: toe stop is really secure and you can remove the grind block if you want to. These are quite padded giving lots of support. That said they look bulkier than in the pictures due to the padding, and if you want to really tighten these up I'd get new laces since the ones they come with are regular shoe laces. If you're not used to flat roller skates these come with additional heel lifts. I would get them in a size or two bigger than what you usually are, pay attention to millimeter measurements in the size chart.
Katriin Kulevits (Turku)
Rating: 5!
Great skates with amazing support and speed. Lovely company lots of help and amazing service 😀
Carllye Elder (Hertford Bengeo Ward)
Rating: 5!
Amazing!!! Super comfortable and super smooth!
Christine De La Cruz (Littlerock)
Rating: 5!
As some other reviews say - make SURE you measure your feet before buying these. I wear a UK6 in bonts, UK7 in street shoes, but got a UK9 (257mm measurement) in these. They're fairly comfortable so far, would recommend lowering the toe stop when you get them. They'll get scuffed very fast due to the colour and material, so get a toe cover or duct tape. The slide blocks are sloped, so if you're used to straight slide blocks, it could take some getting used to, but sloped blocks open up more possibilities anyway! Overall, once you're careful about your sizings, theyre a wonderful skate for a cracking price. Would highly recommend!
Levi F. (Dublin)
Rating: 5!
Awesome, quick delivery I got them in a week! Size was great make sure you use the size rule, it work really well for me !! Love these skates wheels berries and boot great quality :)
Griselda Garrido Ontiveros (Brighton)
Rating: 5!
These skates were shipped within 12 hours of my purchase and arrived quite quickly for an international order. The sizing is women's (rather than most other skates being listed only in men's sizes). I wear a 5.5 US women's so I ordered a 6. They fit well with a pair of thick socks and tight lacing. Toes stops were slick at the start but work well after a bit of use/scuffing up. Not a fan of the wheels that came with the skate, but I had planned to switch them with wheels I already had anyways. I'm probably just used to a harder/more narrow wheel. These are excellent for beginner/intermediate park skating. After skating on them for a while I think they'll last about a year of almost daily use, which is a pretty good value as a complete park skate setup considering the price. The only negative feedback is the laces, which seem to be regular shoelaces and started to fray after the first use, but since laces are cheap and easy to replace I am still at 5 stars.
Moonie Tyler (Tucson)
Rating: 5!
The skates are arrived in a matter of a few days! (international mail) The skates are absolutely beautiful and the fit is unbelievably comfortable. It's great the skates come with the necessary tools for adjustments. Thank you for your prompt customer service. (added items to my order)
Kathleen K. (Fairfield)
Rating: 5!
My favorite pair of skates so far. The skates arrived insanely quickly, like within a week (from another continent). The sizing guide was accurate and they fit perfectly and are super comfortable. Love the look, bearings, wheels -- a perfect pair of skates!
Jennifer M. (Los Angeles)
Rating: 5!
Marta Mossberg (Torrance)
Rating: 5!
10/10 Really good skates! They feel great. They glide like butter over the asphalt. I’m new to the shorter ankle support but they’re still great! Would recommend!
Tori Seymour (Nashville)
Rating: 5!
These skates fit well, and have lots of padding. I ended up replacing the wheels with wider and softer ones because those protect my feet more during jumps, but wheels they came with were good. Just not my preferred kind. The only dissapointment really was the toe stops. They were just so slick! In my other ones I could tip toe up hill and not slip, but I was sliding all over the place with these ones. If you have the ability to customize skates, I would get these. But if you are a beginner or looking for a pair of skates you wont have to mess with, I wouldn’t recommend these.
Evelyn C. (Louisville)
Rating: 4!
These were a gift to a friend and they were perfect! They fit great and comfortable for her and she loves them!
Mia XiaoLi Kelton (Asheville)
Rating: 5!
I love them so much !!! Thank youuu
Christine Diaz (Bullhead City)
Rating: 5!
These might be great skates but the sizing is completely wrong in regard to UK sizing. Didn't spot the two other reviews mentioning this bellow. I bought 9's which are actually closer to 7.5., the EU to Uk sizing is incorrect. Very disappointed this hasn't been sorted.
Philip S. (London)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hi there! Thank you for your feedback.

I am really sorry to hear about your experience. 😟 Different brands have different sizing charts, that is why we always recommend measuring the length of your foot and choose your size according to that.
However, if you wish to return the skates, you are more than welcome to do that. We have 365 days return policy so you can return them anytime!
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