Vintage Airbrush Quad Rullaluistimet

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Limited quantity available
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Toimitus 3-4 arkipäivää
365 päivän palautusoikeus

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Airbrush tekee retroluistelu-unelmistasi totta

Chayan valmistamat Airbrush quad rullaluistimet ovat osa merkin Vintage-sarjaa, joka on kunnianosoitus 70-luvun disco- ja rantaluistelua suosivalle old-school-meiningille. Nämä nelipyöräiset rullaluistimet on tarkoitettu ulkona luistelua varten, ja niistä löytyy hyvä sekä mukava istuvuus.

Tekniset ominaisuudet

  • Nämä retro rullaluistimet on varustettu vegaanisella tennarityylisellä keskikorkealla kengällä, jonka pehmeä EVA-sisäpohja takaa mukavuuden
  • Kevyet Aja-pleitit on vahvistettu lasikuidulla
  • Sulavasti rullaavat pehmeät ja hyvin pitävät 78A Spectrum -renkaat ovat täydelliset ulkona kruisailuun
  • Vintage-värimaailma sopii diskoiluun kuin nenä päähän


Renkaan halkaisija:
Pleitin materiaali:
Lasikuitu, Muovi, Komposiitti
Kenkäosan tyyppi:
Pehmeä, Mid-top
Integroitu kantolenkki, Vegaaninen, Design Sneaker inspired
Chaya Aja Levyt, Octo Spectrum Renkaat
Sisäkengän ominaisuudet:
Built-in, Anatomisesti muotoiltu
Renkaan leveys:
Renkaan kovuus:
Renkaan materiaali:
PU valettu, SHR
Kengän materiaali:
Sisäkengän materiaali:
Tekstiili, Vaahtomuovi

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arvostelua   (60)

Skit najsa! Älskar dem. Bra rulla å sitter stadigt på foten! Super nöjd med mitt köp.
Carola Galin (Kiruna)
Rating: 5!
I sized up as recommended by other reviews and happy I did. They are snug but I don't notice when skating and have had no rubbing or blisters as of yet. I definitely want some bigger wheels for the places I skate and the toe stop is degrading quite quickly so I might upgrade to a tougher material as well but overall they're great. From the pictures I expected them to be glittery but they are not btw. Still pretty!
Amber Smith (Bayfield)
Rating: 5!
Fun skates that look great. No complaints. They arrived quickly and were well packaged.
Katy F. (Margate)
Rating: 5!
Shipping was great and on time.. I purchased used skates which I don’t mind at all .. the problem I’m having is that the skate has a manufactured defect which wasn’t in the distribution of the used skates .. its clear that they are NOT put together probably one truck is way off not measured right on bottom of right skate even the break is not centered on both skates .. now I know why they were used and returned..the skates should have never been resold by company 👎🏻
Nicole Jimenez (Fresno)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hey Nicole,

thank you for leaving your review.

I am truly sorry to hear that something seems to be wrong with your purchase.
It looks like, you have not yet contacted our customer service in this regard.

I have already reserved a brand new pair for you: Please get in touch with us so we can sort this out :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

/ Pierre

Great skates, delivered with no problem, thanks!
Andrea Smith (Brockley)
Rating: 4!
Absolutely love these skates - so comfortable and fun. Slightly on the small side so you may want to size up but I found they did break in ok. Quick delivery and items as expected so would definitely order from SkatePro again
Tracey R. (Marple)
Rating: 5!
Love these!!! So comfortable and beautiful colors. I followed the website recommendation of ordering a size up and they are a perfect fit!!!
Allison M. (Cork city southside)
Rating: 5!
They were delivered quickly and packaged very nicely. The fit was good, a little bit tight but after three or four uses they have loosened up. I did have to loosen the trucks and wheels a little but thats normal. I saw some reviews about wrong fit but if you follow the instructions and the sizing chart carefully you'll be fine. Overall really comfortable skates, would absolutely reccomend!
Jessica d. (Falls)
Rating: 5!
I am amazed with shipping. Far exceeded my expectations and in love with my new Chaya skates. Will recommend!!
Sheila Varela (Paterson)
Rating: 5!
Fits true to size and looks & rolls beautiful
G. McGlynn (Cork City)
Rating: 5!
Love these. My first chaya skates, They're comfy and cute! I'm excited to use these to get confident on flat skates!
Erica M. (Asheville)
Rating: 5!
Not only are they beautiful, but as a new skater they are very comfortable! The wheels are great for outdoor use as well as indoor use and they have been a lot of fun to learn to roller skate. I was worried about sizing, but they skates and the sizing guide made it easy for me to choice the correct size. They are true to size.
Diana R Soto (Longmont)
Rating: 5!
These skates are light and they are great for beginners because they are't made for speed so you can learn easier.
Vanesa Conjar (Tarves)
Rating: 5!
These were my daughter's first pair of skates and she loves them. They fit good and seem to be true to size. They provided good support and with a little adjusting - as with any new out of the box skates - she was well on her way. These seem to be very good skates of good quality and durability. And the color/design is awesome. Just what she wanted. And as usual, the customer service was perfect!
J. Hale (Tiffin)
Rating: 5!
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