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T30 Touring Hiihtomonot

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Nämä 19/20 combi perinteisen monot on varustettu korkeilla varsilla, jotka tarjoavat vakautta, sekä mahdollistavat myös luistelutyylin hiihtämisen tarvittaessa. Alpina T30 monot on tarkoitettu touringiin, ja ne ovat mukavantuntuiset Thinsulate-eristyksen sekä pehmeän flexin ansiosta.

Sopivat Rottefella NNN-, Turnamic- ja Prolink-siteisiin.


Anatomic footbed, Thinsulate
Yhteensopivat siteet:
NNN/NIS, Turnamic, Prolink
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arvostelua   (13)

I have ordered this boots as a package along with skate roller skis, bindings and poles. These are combo boots and as a beginner roller skier I have to admit that they are not great for people who only start to use skate style as is difficult to keep foot in fixed, position. However boots might work well for people skiing/roller skiing classic style. I have returned them and was refunded no problem. Thanks
Marcin Kosc (Cork)
Rating: 4!
I thought that they did not have enough volume for my foot to be able to zip them up. However when i used a light sock and slowly zipped them up after wearing around the house and then skiing 10-15 miles they streched to fit and are now very comfortable.
M. Barstad (Enterprise)
Rating: 4!
Great boot, very fast delivery.
Romain Lalieux (Lasalle)
Rating: 5!
Have been using them everyday for 8 days, seem great.
Chris Verhoeven (Stettler)
Rating: 5!
I ordered these along with skis, poles and boots for a Christmas present for my wife. Skatepro attached these bindings to the skis for me and shipped everything out less than two days after I placed my order. They arrived very quickly especially considering how backed up the mail and most shipping companies were for this Christmas. She has user them now several times and is very happy with everything. Would certainly order again. Thank you!!
Jody T. (The Pas)
Rating: 5!
5 stars for everything: service, product, communication/accessibility. All good. Thanks.
Ahren McGuire (Saskatoon)
Rating: 5!
I was charged import duties by UPS. I wrote SkatePro for an explanation and they never answered me. Now they send a survey?
Robert Burns (Candiac)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hi Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to write the review.

I can see that my colleague has answered you regarding this. Please check your email inbox so we could resolve this issue. :)

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