230 Pneumatic Aikuisten Potkulauta

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Toimitus 3-4 arkipäivää
365 päivän palautusoikeus

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Frenzy Pneumatic on tasaisesti rullaava, isorenkainen potkulauta. Soveltuu erinomaisesti esimerkiksi työmatkojen taittoon. Isot ilmakumirenkaat vaimentavat iskuja huonokuntoisella tiellä ajaessa, tehden ajosta tasaisempaa verrattuna moniin muihin potkulautoihin. Kokonaiskorkeutta on myös mahdollista säätää.

Tämä aikuisten potkulauta on kokoontaitettava ja siinä on myös näppärä kantohihna potkulaudan mukana kuljettamista varten.

Seisontatuen avulla voit pysäköidä potkulaudan minne vain haluat.

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Yhteensopivat osat


103 - 116cm (40.6 - 45.7")
Dekin malli:
Renkaan halkaisija:
205mm, 230mm
Headsetin tyyppi:
Forkin tyyppi:
Forkin malli:
Tangon materiaali:
Kromiteräs 4130
Clampin koko:
Kantohihna, Jalka, Ilmatäytteiset renkaat
Renkaan profiili:
Coren materiaali:
Keskiön malli:
Osittain koottu
Ajajan max. paino:
100 kg

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arvostelua   (48)

Great scooter IF you like leg exercise :) I used it 3-4 times for 3 mile ride each time, and i got to tell you, this thing will work your knees and leg, as you will be bending quite often to peddle forward :) I tried to do a quick speed run on a straight away, i get up to 9 mph. Good luck riding this uphill and/or against the wind. One thing, you will get a good leg and knee workout though :)
R. NGUYEN (Mansfield)
Rating: 4!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Thank you for your review😄. We completely get it haha. It is a model meant for transportation, therefore, depending on how often you prefer using it, you will definitely feel it the legs. We still hope you enjoy it.🤙 //SkatePro Team
Working great. Only issue i didn't realize before getting this (because I dont own a bike or anything with tires) is that you must use a pressure gauge to get the exact psi in each tire. Underinflated its hard to move so I should have gotten one before it arrived. It is quiet as others have mentioned which is what I wanted. The button to fold the scooter is easy to use, well designed.
Terrie Lynn Chabot-Crocker (Ottawa)
Rating: 5!
The package was damaged, missing the carry strip and height lock. Contacted customer service on Apr 5th and got a reply on the 10th saying the claim department WILL send me the missing parts. Today is Apr 22th, I still haven’t received the missing parts or any updates on this matter. May need to return it because I can’t ride without the height lock. Feel disappointed because I was so excited to ride my new scooter.
K. Liu (North York)
Rating: 1!
Vastaus SkateProlta:  Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review👌
I am sorry about this situation. I can see that we have shipped out the missing part on the 9th of April but something seems off with the tracking... I will send you an email regarding this so we can discuss and find a solution.

My 67 year old husband and grandad is very pleased with his scooter. Makes a difference after a knee replacement.
Pauline Elliott (Church Village)
Rating: 5!
Great scooter! The roads around me are terrible, but this guy manages all conditions very well, with minimal friction. I would definitely recommend for anyone who doesn’t have good road surfaces in their area.
Kieran Murphy (Donoughmore)
Rating: 5!
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